Freedom is the result of sacrifice and heroism of our ancestors – Ramnath Kovind

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We have to give a new dimension to independence

On the eve of 72nd Independence Day, President Ram Nath Kovind delivered the message addressing the nation. Ram Nath Kovind said that our flag symbolizes the identity of our country. According to the president, Independence Day is also the day of the resolution of fulfilling the remaining works in the formation of the nation, which will surely fulfill our talented youth. Freedom is the result of sacrifice and heroism of our ancestors and respected freedom fighters. Our freedom fighter wanted to create such an independent and sovereign country where We all have to do important work to develop the country and get rid of poverty and inequality there is equal equality and brotherhood in society.

The President said – Our ancestors and freedom fighters have also assigned us some work with Independent India, which will fulfill all of us. According to the presidency, we have to give a new dimension to independence and continue to make efforts to bring new opportunities to our country and countrymen.


Then we make dreams of our freedom fighters India

Addressing the farmers, Ram Nath Kovind said that he gives strength to our freedom of food security and nutritious food for the country. When we provide modern technologies and other facilities to farmers to increase the yield of their fields and their income, then we make dreams of our freedom fighters as India. While featuring the significance of troopers in the security of the nation, Kovind said that our soldiers are dedicated to the protection of the country, on the border areas, on the snowy mountains, in the scorching sun, in the ocean, and in the sky, with complete bravery and alertness. They ensure our independence by protecting against external threats. When we provide better weapons for them, they develop the supply chain for defense equipment only in the country and provide welfare facilities to the soldiers, then we make dreams of our freedom fighters India. Our police and paramilitary forces combat terrorism and prevent crime and protect the law system. Apart from this, they also help us in times of natural calamities.


The significance of the nation’s freedom is to build the autonomy of ladies

Ram Nath Kovind said that women should have a safe environment and opportunity to live their way and to use their abilities fully. Women should have complete freedom to choose their options. As a nation and society, we have to ensure that all rights and abilities of women move forward in life are reconciled. Our youth are the foundation of India’s hopes and aspirations. The youth also played an important role in the independence struggle. Our Youth did the job of fostering freedom struggle. We develop the skills of our youth and inspire them for technology, engineering enterprises, arts, and crafts. Every Indian who performs his work with dedication and integrity, who contributes morally to society, whether it is a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, a public servant, a factory worker, a businessman, they all follow the ideals of independence in their own way.

According to the presidency, we are standing at a turn of history which is very different in itself. The goal of electrifying everyone, freedom from defecation in the open, and the goal of removing all the homeless and home to poverty are now within our reach.


Do not engage in distracting issues and futile controversies – Ram Nath Kovind

The President said today that we are going through such a crucial phase, we have to emphasize that we do not get entangled in distraught issues, nor will we turn away from our goals in futile debates. According to him, the world is changing very rapidly, so we have to change and develop even faster. The decisions that we are taking today, the foundation we are putting, the projects we are launching, the social-economic initiatives we are doing will be decided by our own that our country has reached the point of saying. We have always been thinking that we should make such changes which will make the deprived classes of society better and the lives of the poor.

In the Indian tradition, the services of poor Narayana Narayana have been called the best work. Recalling Gandhiji, Ram Nath Kovind said that Gandhiji did not only lead our independence struggle, but he was also a humane moral guide and would remain forever. Ram Nath Kovind said that everywhere in the world Gandhiji is remembered as the ideal of humanity. These thoughts of indigenous are still relevant in our economy, health, education, social aspirations and policy choices in defining our relationships with the world.




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