Troubles are growing alongside floods in Kerala

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Kerala faced similar floods 94 years ago

The flood in Kerala has stirred up. Flood has completely ruined the whole of Kerala. All have become homeless. This is the biggest water tragedy in Kerala so far. Kerala will take a lot of time to recover from this tragedy. In Kerala, homes, hospitals, schools, shops, offices have all been drowned in water. Due to heavy rains and floods, there have been landslides in many places. Over 35 thousand people, who have been homeless due to floods, have taken shelter in relief camps of the state and the number of lakhs has been displaced. Thousands of people are still missing.

It is being told that even 94 years ago, Kerala had faced similar floods. NDRF, Army and Navy teams started rescue work and saved the people stranded in Kerala and brought them safely to the safe place. After taking a look into the situation, Prime Minister Modi announced the immediate financial assistance of Rs. 500 crore to Kerala. Earlier, financial assistance of Rs 100 crore has already been given to Kerala by the Home Ministry. Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh also announced financial assistance of Rs 10 crore to Kerala, who is facing the floods. From the Chief Minister Relief Fund of Punjab, Rs. 5 crore was sent to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund and the remaining Rs. 50 crore provided food and other essential items to the flood victims.


Help from across the country for the flood victims Kerala

The condition due to the flood in Kerala is getting worse every day. Due to which the death figure is increasing. Just water around the water and water and devastation is visible. Apart from governance, administration, and army, the common people are also doing every possible help to the people of Kerala. At such times, Bollywood stars also extended their hands to help the flood victims of Kerala and contributed to relief work. While some Bollywood stars provided financial support for Kerala, some stars promoted Emergency Helpline Numbers to ease the reach of the affected people.



  • Several Bollywood stars came forward to help the flood victims in Kerala. One of them is Bahubali actor Prabhas. According to sources, Prabhas has provided financial assistance worth Rs 1 crore to flood victims of Kerala.
  • Apart from this, South Actor Ram Charan helped Rs 60 lakh and 10 tonnes of rice.
  • Bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor’s crowdfunding platform Kato collected 12 million rupees for rehabilitation work in Kerala.
  • Actor Salman Khan also provided financial assistance to him by providing Rs. 12 crores for flood victims.
  • Mir Foundation is a welfare organization in the name of Welfare, Shahrukh Khan’s father. This institution helps in cancer patients and acid vaccinations. Mir Foundation of Shahrukh Khan donated 21 lakh rupees for the assistance of flood victims of Kerala.


Apart from all this, assistance is being sent to Kerala from every corner of the country. For flood relief, UP’s CM Adityanath Yogi announced financial assistance of Rs 15 crore from the Uttar Pradesh government. For the help of Kerala, the whole country has stood shoulder with shoulders. Apart from this, Indian Railways sent 7 lakh liters of drinking water to Kerala with the help of special trains. The Maharashtra government has provided Rs 20 crore for the assistance of the flood victims and financial assistance of 10-10 crore from Bihar, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, and Gujarat government.


Fear of leptospirosis now in Kerala after severe flooding

There was no relief from the horrific floods in Kerala that there is another problem called Leptospirosis (Rat Fever) on Kerala’s head. Due to floods water has become water everywhere in Kerala and people are getting various kinds of diseases in that water. Many people have died due to the disease called leptospirosis (rat fever). The number of patients from this fever is increasing day by day. In fact, these diseases are found in dogs, rats, and other mammals. Due to floods, all humans and animals are living in one place, so that the disease is spreading easily and quickly. According to the Health Service Directorate, complaints of leptospirosis (Rat fever) were first reported in Palakkad and Kozhikr districts.

Apart from this, too many cases of dengue have been reported in Kerala. The state has issued a high alert for 3 weeks in Kerala. According to the Directorate of Health Services, 71 people in different hospitals of Kerala have been found to be suffering from leptospirosis (Rat Fever), while 123 people have had symptoms of this disease.



Leptospirosis or rat fever is a bacterial disease, it is caused by Leptospira bacteria of the genus. It is transmitted through the urine of infected animals, this disease spreads rapidly in flood-prone areas and for this reason, Kerala has come under its grip.


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