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Television news refers to disseminating current events via the medium of television. A “news bulletin” or a “newscast” are television programs lasting from seconds to hours that provide updates on international, national, regional, and/or local news events.

There are numerous providers of broadcast news content such as BBC News, NBC News, CNN, Fox News Channel, RT, and Al Jazeera, as well as numerous programs that regularly provide this content such as NBC Nightly News. In addition to general news outlets, there are specialized news outlets, for example about sports ESPNews, Fox Sports News, and Eurosport News, as well as finances, including CNBC, Bloomberg Television, and Fox Business Network.

Television news is very visually-based, showing video footage of many of the events that are reported; still, photography is also used in reporting news stories, although not as much in recent years as in the early days of broadcast television. Television channels may provide news bulletins as part of a regularly scheduled news program. Less often, television shows may be interrupted or replaced by breaking news reports (“news flashes”) to provide news updates on events of great importance.